Welcome to Town Hall 12, Download or Copy Trophy & Farming Base links to Protect Resources, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Get War Maps Layouts for TH12 to Defeat Better in Home Village of Clash of Clans.

Upgrading to Town Hall 12, has a time of 6 days, and will cost 8,500,000 gold (eight and a half million).

What's new in town hall 12? This is where you start to really enjoy Supetroops and we have a new way of attacking with siege machines.

NEW OFENSIVE: Workshop (Sieges machines), one hidden tesla, one infernal tower, two spring traps, ona giant bomb, one air bomb, one air seeking mine, we don't have new walls, with a total of 300 walls available.

Nuevas Super Troops available Super Giant, Rocket Ballon, Super Wizard, Super Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Super Minion, Super Valkyrie, Super Witch, Ice hound and Superbowler.

The Workshop is the building and you will unlock sieges machines, Wall Wrecker, Battle Blimp, Stone Slammer, that will help you greatly in your attacks.

Barbarian King and Archer Queen you will upgrade to level 60 and Gran Warden to 30 level.

We don't have new spells.

Also youā€™ll be able to upgrade the Barracks till the 14th level to unlock the Yeti, the new troop.

Upgrading dark barrack to level 9 you can unlock one new troop, Headhunter.

The yeti is a robust hairy beast that produces miniyetis, it is a good troop quite useful in pro attacks, ZAP WITCHES, ZAP LAVALOON, I will bring you a more elaborate list soon.

Select the best base layout of Town Hall 12 for farming to protect resources or loot, have a better defense in war or for pushing trophies, you can find in the TH12 category or the different tags in our collection.