Welcome to Builder Hall 3, Download or Copy Base links, Get Maps Layouts for BH3 to Defeat Better In Builder Base of Clash of Clans

Home of the Master Builder and the main objective in battle. Destroying a Builder Hall awards an extra star in attacks. Win a Versus Battle by getting the most stars, or dealing more damage if tied. Upgrade the Builder Hall 3 to unlock advanced buildings and troops!.

At level 1, the Builder Hall appears as a ruined orange-roofed house with a damaged chimney.

At level 2, the structure (including chimney) is repaired. The ladder on the top aligns with the "Builder's Hut" on top.

At level 3, the rear of the building gains an additional floor, as well as a ladder on the side.

Available troops: raged barbarian, sneaky archer, boxer giant and beta minion.

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