Welcome to Town Hall 15, Download or Copy Trophy & Farming Base links to Protect Resources, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Get War Maps Layouts for TH15 to Defeat Better in Home Village of Clash of Clans.

Upgrade Town Hall Level 15, has an upgrade duration of 15 days, costing 18,000,000 gold (eighteen million).

What's new in TH15? New Defense the Monolith and The Spell Towers, 4 new pets.

NEW OFFENSIVE: New Battle Drill siege engine, 20 camp slots for a total of 320 troops.

We have no new traps or new walls.

In the animal house you can unlock 4 pets all at level 10: Frosy, Diggy, Poson Lizard and Phoenix.

The Barbarian King and The Archer Queen, you can upgrade to max level 85, the Gran Warde to level 60, and the Royal Champion to level 35.

We don't have a new troop that unlocks from this town hall.

Town Hall 15 is the last available level released in 2022.

Select the best town hall 15 village for farming to protect the dark elixir resources, have a better defense in war or to climb legend league cups, you can find it in the TH15 category or in the different tags of our collection.