Welcome to Town Hall 5, Download or Copy Farming Base links to Protect Resources, Gold, Elixir, Get War Maps Layouts for TH5 to Defeat Better in Home Village of Clash of Clans.

Upgrading to Town Hall 5, has a time of 12 hours and will cost 150,000 gold.

What's new in town hall 5?, On this level you will get one new wizard tower, one new spell factory, one army camp, one more elixir and gold mine, one new morter, one archer tower, two bombs and 25 additional wall units, with a total of 100 walls available.

Also youā€™ll be able to upgrade the Barracks till the 7th level as well as to fight using the Wizard, the new trop.

Select the best base layout of Town Hall 5 for farming to protect resources or loot, have a better defense in war or for pushing trophies, you can find in the th4 category or the different tags in our collection.