Welcome to Town Hall 9, Download or Copy Trophy & Farming Base links to Protect Resources, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Get War Maps Layouts for TH9 to Defeat Better in Home Village of Clash of Clans.

Upgrading to Town Hall 9, has a time of 2 days, and will cost 3,000,000 gold (three millions).

What's new in town hall 9? Get ready because from here comes nice, this town hall is the base of Clash of clans, If you learn well you will be able to dominate the rest of the town levels.

In this town hall you must upgrade the walls two times, from 8 to 9 and from 9 to 10.

NEW DEFENSE: X-Bow, NEW heroe: Archer Queen, one gold and elixir recolector, one gold and elixir storage, one archer tower, ona air defense, ona hidden tesla, one dark elixir drill, one air sweeper, on giant bomb, two seeking mine and 25 additional wall units, with a total of 250 walls available.

Archer Queen the second heroe in the game, now you can try with the popular Queen Walk with healers.

The Barbarian King and Archer Queen will upgrade to level 30.

The Jump and Freeze speel the two new spells to unlock.

The Haste speel and squeleton are the new spells available.

Also youā€™ll be able to upgrade the Barracks till the 11th level to unlock the baby dragon, the new troop.

Upgrading dark barrack to level 6 you can unlock two new troops, Witch and Lava Hound providing excellent protection for other air troops.

The exciting thing is already here, the air attacks are already colorful with Queen Walk and the lava hound, and the ground attacks looks elegant with the golem, witches and the bowler in donations, the compositions of armies are many among the popular ones such as the LALOON, GOWITCH, GOBODRAGON, QUEEN WALK, MASS MINION, very soon I will bring you to the list of famous attacks.

Select the best base layout of Town Hall 9 for farming to protect resources or loot, have a better defense in war or for pushing trophies, you can find in the TH9 category or the different tags in our collection.